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Browsing data is difficult at best when it’s spread out across multiple platforms. Finding the right tool can be frustrating, time-wasting, and lead to mistakes. Instead of dealing with data silos, duplicates, and disorganized information, you can consolidate it all in one convenient location.

Matidor is a project management platform that can provide a single source of truth for your data. You can easily browse and search your data, zoom in to spots you need to access, and keep the big picture in mind. If you’re interested in trying the Matidor platform for your data management needs, book a demo today.

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Eliminate Spreadsheets and Save Time

The typical spreadsheet method for data management is archaic in many ways. With Matidor, you get modern spreadsheets and data organization tools for your projects and assets. You’ll get all of the benefits of traditional spreadsheets while eliminating their shortcomings. Our features are designed to automatically collect and update your data without the need for tedious and time-consuming manual data entry.
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example of matidor’s budget dashboard tool
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Easily Manage Your Budget and Costs

Matidor offers financial data management too. When you’re able to access updated budget data and get an overview of your assets, you can block unwanted overheads and reduce cost overruns. Break cost-savings records by tracking your project budget precisely in one software, instead of multiple.

That’s just the beginning of our budgeting tools. You can attach your cost tickets directly to the relevant budget, get the remaining budget immediately, and avoid overspending. You can also split your budget into customizable categories and access budget data by category, giving you a more focused look into your projects and assets. Using Matidor's powerful financial features makes monitoring and managing your budget easy and intuitive.

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Never Miss a Deadline

With Matidor, you can organize every aspect of your business, including your schedule. Matidor can provide you with a virtual assistant that will automatically notify you before your deadlines. You no longer have to memorize all of your tasks and meetings! Matidor reminds you and helps you stay organized.

Matidor can do this for your entire team. With our mobile app, they can get task updates and notifications. This helps you and your team prioritize like never before, increasing your efficiency and saving time

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Standardize Data Capturing With Custom Forms

Capture data your way with our custom data forms. You can easily define your data standards and base your forms on these standards to always get the relevant data you need. Once your forms are created, you can replicate your forms and fill them out automatically to save even more time. You’ll never have to include superfluous data in your data dashboard or reports. Only get the information you need, when you need it.

Matidor also has templates set up if you want to hit the ground running immediately. Of course, you can always create your own templates. With your templates in place, you can always rest assured that your data will be captured accurately and consistently.

Seamlessly Connect Your Assets

Connecting your assets is easy with the Matidor platform. With Matidor, you can get a live, real-time map of all your projects and assets. When you add a new asset, you can seamlessly integrate it into your project map with all the relevant data. Use an asset template to speed things up even more. Once you have all of your assets uploaded to Matidor, you’ll have a comprehensive overview of everything you own, making it easy to always keep track of what’s going on.

Drive Profitability and Efficiency

When you have in-depth knowledge of all of your assets and an organized single source of truth for all of your data, you can always make confident, data driven decisions for your business. You’ll be able to increase your efficiency to maximize your profitability. Matidor provides you with whatever you need on just one platform, all while lowering your overhead and improving your bottom line. You can always meet your financial goals and stay competitive when you use our powerful software. Get whatever you need on just one platform while lowering your overhead.
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Finding the Right Data Management Solution For You

Whether you’re in the office or out working in the field, you can trust Matidor will provide the data management tools you need. Every member of your team can benefit from Matidor’s features, and they can easily be accessed from our mobile or desktop app. Adding Matidor to your software stack is seamless, with minimal onboarding and no training required!

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Start managing your data with our intuitive and powerful platform. To stay competitive tomorrow, it’s best to start today. Book your demo to learn more about our platform and how it can help your business.

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