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See the bigger picture, and monitor all your assets from the initial planning stage to retirement. Matidor is the ultimate project management platform for field services in the oil and gas industry. When seamlessly integrated into your tech stack, Matidor becomes your single source of truth through all stages of a well’s life cycle. No matter how many extraction sites and field workers you manage, Matidor is where your teams come together to collaborate.

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A Single Platform for All Your Needs

Harness the power of technology and manage your project from anywhere–All from a single platform. Leave the confusing spreadsheets behind and take your mission-critical data from the office to the drilling site. Take advantage of actionable insights, address operational issues strategically for better efficiency, and get an eagle-eye view of your entire project to stay on track and within budget.

Portfolio management to increase operational efficiency with improved prioritization

Increased Operational Efficiency

Streamline your field operations and fine-tune your project strategy. Matidor lets you view your entire project from one user-friendly platform. 

Keep Projects Running Smoothly

Use data to spot efficiency issues, take steps to improve, and assign mission-critical duties appropriately. Safe time, use your budget wisely, and keep your projects running like a well-oiled machine.

Improved Prioritization

Thanks to constant-updating real-time data, viewing accurate information about your project is easy. See what areas need attention and prioritize work to increase efficiency across the board. 

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Easily Manage Your Portfolio

Handle important tasks swiftly to avoid mishaps, make tough data-driven decisions, and confidently manage your portfolio

A Single Source of Truth

Leave confusion and inefficient communications at the door. Matidor acts as your single source of truth across the entire project portfolio.

Keep Your Team on the Same Page

Gone are the days of disconnected data silos, misinformation, and clarity issues. From the field to the office, Matidor keeps everyone on the same page.

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Manage budgets with confidence

Track Expenditures

Experience precise budget tracking like no other. On one platform, you can take financial matters into your own hands. Split your budget into various categories, view data how you want, and get a better overview of project spending.

View Real-Time Data

Matidor lets you see expenditures as they happen in real-time. Constant updates keep you in the look, making it easier than ever to avoid overspending. Take advantage of several financial tools to understand better spending habits.

Reduce Cost Overruns

Contain project costs and bust through budget-saving records! Strategically reduce project costs, block unwanted overheads, and make excessive overruns a thing of the past. With Matidor, you’re in complete control of your budget and have the tools to be as cost-efficient as possible.

example of matidor’s vendor communication tool over a picture of a map

Streamline vendor communication and collaboration

Contain Conversations in Defined Project Threads

No more confusing email threads, data discrepancies, and missed project requirements. Communicate clearly in project threads and with one single source of truth. Include all stakeholders and collaborators, and keeping everyone on the same page is a breeze.

Data Worth Sharing

Provide access to data your vendors and collaborators need. Have total control over what others see, and share relevant information that offers clarity. Use maps to collaborate in real-time. With comments, site drawings, and threaded notes, there’s no need for endless calls and ineffective communication methods.

Provide Insightful Context

Contextual messages are a game-changer that will take collaborations to new heights. Instead of discussing documents and data over an email thread, provide crystal-clear context with map data, budget information, shareable files, and more. Tag the appropriate collaborators and control who has access to what.

Reduce environmental liability

Visualize Your Portfolio

Effectively manage and reclaim complex abandonment sites using intuitive, all-in-one project management software. Use live mapping tools to visualize your entire portfolio and assess the environmental impact of your projects. 

Cut Your Carbon Footprint

Scale up to evaluate your future impact and view actionable data to reveal helpful insight in real-time. Gauge your progress and take steps to optimize your efforts and meet your carbon reduction goals.

Stay Compliant and Do Your Part

With Matidor, maintaining compliance is no longer a massive headache. Pull up data on a dime to ensure your sites are compliant and receive notifications when issues arise. 

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woman in hard hat, safety goggles, and gloves looking at a tablet

Attain higher levels of asset integrity and employee safety

Manage Physical Assets

Maintain a comprehensive overview of everything you own and manage your assets to maintain efficiency. Stay on top of equipment inspections and view critical performance data from anywhere.

Aggregate All of Your Information

Don’t rely on hearsay or confusing reports. Matidor once again serves as a single source of truth to ensure you can continue to rely on your physical assets.

Keep Your Employees Safe

Matidor goes beyond equipment. Your human resources are your most valuable. Keep them safe and well-informed with ongoing training on a user-friendly dashboard. Teach your team to remain safe on the job no matter how they contribute to your bottom line.

Reporting has never been easier

Consolidated Data You Can Always Find

On Matidor, all project details, budgets, costs, tasks, forms, map drawings, and more are always up to date. Say goodbye to archaic spreadsheets, a mess of physical documents, and inefficient data silos.

Stay Organized

Aggregate all of your project’s relevant information into one easy-to-use platform. View your data whenever you need it and take full advantage of organizational tools to stay on top of every aspect of your project in real time.

Automatic Data Collection

Automate the data collection process and standardize how you get it. Matidor lets you capture data how you want with custom forms. 

example of matidor’s project dashboard

Receive Constant Updates

Start with premade templates to hit the ground running and fine-tune your strategies as you go to avoid unnecessary information that clogs your data pipeline. Thanks to the constantly updating nature of Matidor, you can rest assured that you’re always working with the latest news available.

Easy Compilation and Exports

Export all your live data without reminding, chasing, or compiling from disparate sources. Turn to one source and create accurate reports you can share. Use the information you need and leave out the fluff for more efficient status reporting.

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Matidor is a project management platform that can transform your handling of field service projects. The oil and gas industry is challenging enough without management hurdles. Streamline your processes, boost operational efficiency, and visualize data on your terms to make impactful decisions that increase your bottom line.

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