Renewables Project Management Software

Renewables Project Management Software

Matidor is the ultimate project management software for field services and renewable energy projects. Our software breaks down all the complexity of this burgeoning sector into one simple, but powerful platform. You can see all of your projects and assets on a live map in real-time, so you can manage your projects confidently from start to finish.

One Centralized Platform

Renewable energy projects are rapidly becoming one of the most prominent energy industries on the planet. It’s likely that renewables may one day be the primary source of energy. However, this rapid growth and progress can come at a cost. As these technologies get more advanced, their risks and complications also grow. Businesses in the energy management sector need a way to keep up.

That’s where Matidor comes in. Organize your renewable energy projects with budget monitoring, wind and solar asset management, data visualization, field updates, and more in one centralized platform.

Organize Documents and Tasks in One Centralized Platform

Project Organization

Get your data organized painlessly. No matter how many projects you have at hand, Matidor puts everything in its right place, in just one place.

Single Source of Truth

Having your data siloed across multiple platforms and tools can get messy and can make it hard to keep track of all your projects. With Matidor, you get an accurate, single source of truth that automatically updates to reflect the most updated information.

One Simple Dashboard

No more searching for files and coming up short. No more duplicates causing miscommunications. Just one simple and intuitive dashboard to keep all of your relevant data.

Gather All Your Data and Information

Our intuitive software gathers your project information entirely on our powerful platform. Start seeing the whole picture today, from financial files to geospatial data. Whatever you need to stay competitive is here!

Mitigate Risk and Stay Compliant

Instant Updates

As with any energy project, renewables have their own risks and regulations. With Matidor, you can get instant updates on any hazards or incidents in the field, allowing you to update the information, respond immediately, and notify the rest of your team.

Mitigate Risk

You can also monitor maintenance tasks, so you can mitigate risk with preventative measures.

Maintenance Updates

Get updates for maintenance tasks that are overdue, so you can prioritize them and stay on top of things in the future.

Automatic Reporting

For compliance, our software will collect all the data you need for your reports automatically.

Stay Compliant

You’ll be able to see all the evidence together to pivot quickly and wisely at critical times. Simplify your workflow and stay compliant by using Matidor.

Wind and Solar Asset Management Through All Stages of its Lifecycle

Manage Multiple Assets

There are no restrictions to the renewable assets you can manage on the Matidor platform. When you use our software, you can manage multiple assets on one intuitive dashboard and ensure the reliability of your physical resources.

Real Time Updates

Wind, solar, and hydro assets can all be monitored, tracked, and updated in real time.

Monitoring at Every Stage

Manage your assets at every stage of their lifecycle with our modern solution.

Accurate Data Anywhere at Any Time

You’ll always be confident in your data when you use Matidor. Plus, you can check in on your assets anywhere and anytime thanks to our mobile app.

Monitor Budgets and Improve Your Bottom Line

All Your Tools in One Place

There is no need to jump from tool to tool when you use Matidor. You get all of the tools you need right from our platform.

Consolidated Budget and Project Management

That’s why our suite includes financial management tools so you can monitor and manage your budget alongside your projects on the same platform.

Create Custom Categories

Create as many categories as you want for your budget, attach cost tickets directly to the relevant budget category and remove blockers confidently.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Say goodbye to the cost overruns and break the records in cost savings. Using Matidor will improve your bottom line in no time.

example of matidor’s communication tool over a picture of a tree

Real-Time Collaboration with Your Team

Clear Communication

Your team is your power. Get the essential tools to communicate with them and communicate with them clearly.

Collaborate Directly From Our App

With Matidor, you can message team members directly from our app. Share files, pictures, and other relevant data they might need to understand the requirements of the tasks they’re assigned.

Prioritize Tasks

You can also update team members with task priorities, so they know where to spend their time first.

Stay Updated

Your team can contact you through the app as well, letting you know about any issue that arises, completed tasks, hazards, and much more.

Customizable User Permissions

You can easily stay connected to each other from the field to the office without delay. Of course, you can also customize your user permissions so your team members only have access to what they need.

Share and Visualize Your Data

Live Project Mapping

With Matidor, you don’t have to imagine the progress of your project, even if it’s hundreds of miles away. With your live project map, you can visualize your assets and search for them instantly.

Data Visualization

Matidor also helps you create beautiful visualizations of your data, so you can create dynamic and quality reports for your stakeholders and partners.

Unlimited Sharing

You get unlimited project and data sharing through the Matidor platform, so you can always keep external parties up to date with what’s going on.

Analyze Findings With Your Team

You can also take deep dives with your data team to look at your analytics and identify opportunities to improve your business.

Get Started with Matidor

Start using Matidor for managing your projects today to stay competitive tomorrow. With Matidor, you get all the features and tools you need to run successful renewable projects and monitor your current assets. The renewable energy sector is rapidly growing, so the last thing you want to do is get left behind. With Matidor, you’ll get the edge you need to not only stay competitive, but exceed your goals for your KPIs and your bottom line.

Ready to learn more about Matidor and find out how it can help you with your renewable energy projects? We’re ready to show you. Book your demo today to see how it works.

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