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Deliver exceptional service with Environmental Project Management Software

Ensure the safety and success of all your workers and projects with Matidor. Embrace real-time transparency on project work, and build reports with ease.
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Empower your team

Empower your team with powerful a yet intuitive software tool

Collaborate with your team effectively and in real-time. Matidor is the only tool belt with maps, forms, budgets, tasks, files, and more, that all team members need whether they’re in the office or the field.
example of matidor’s software over a picture of a satellite map
example of matidor’s communication tool over a picture of a tree
Communicate with clients

Communicate with clients with the highest integrity

Invite clients, colleagues, and field personnel, onto the same platform, for transparency and accountability. Ensure all parties know exactly what is happening on site, and that all projects are on time and on budget.
Make safety a priority

Make safety a priority

Prioritize safety by tracking personnel training, field check-ins, and asset integrity on an easy to use platform. Field workers can communicate safety concerns on a map in real time, so you can track and resolve any issues immediately.
example of matidor’s mobile tool on a cell phone and tablet
I have been managing sites for my clients, and most of the updates were traditionally done over email and spreadsheets. It can be really time consuming to manage data and communication that way. Matidor organizes everything in one place for us and makes our update to clients so much easier.
Ridgeline Environmental
Environmental Consulting Services in Calgary, Edmonton and all across Alberta
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A Simple and Painless Reporting Tool

No more emailing back and forth for latest costs, work done, forms, or drawings. Everything in Matidor is up to date, ready for export, and easily reportable.
Store and visualize all past work

Store and visualize all past work

Import past work into Matidor for planning and analysis. Avoid unnecessary rework.
example of matidor’s planning and analysis tool
The first time we saw Matidor, we knew it is a platform which will transform how people will be interacting in the environmental project management space. It only took us 2 weeks to integrate our core mapping layers into Matidor's platform, and their drawing and data tools complement the whole workflow nicely. I cannot wait to see how far our partnership with Matidor will take us.
TerraShift Engineering
Engineering consultants specializing in sand, gravel, aggregates, and peat in Alberta

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