Deliver exceptional service with Environmental Project Management Software

Ensure the safety and success of all your workers and projects with Matidor. Matidor is a project management platform for field services. It’s the perfect match for environmental service projects. Embrace real-time transparency to monitor progress and identify issues as they come. Boost your operational efficiency, address issues that could bring your efforts to a halt, and find the most cost-effective solutions to the obstacles your team encounters.


Everything in One Digital Space

Gather relevant data and visualize your entire project portfolio in one digital space. Build reports, maintain strong lines of communication, and give your team the support to do their best work to date. Whether you’re working in a small, well-defined area or have teams across expansive geographic regions, Matidor keeps everyone on the same page and gives you the power to take control from anywhere.

Empower your team with powerful a yet intuitive software tool

Real-Time Communication

Keep your teams in the loop no matter where they work. Everyone needs a reliable communication channel from the office to remote sites. Matidor is the solution. Create defined project channels to keep all relevant conversations and information in one easy-to-find place.

Data at Your Fingertips

Matidor is the only tool belt with maps, forms, budgets, tasks, files, and more that all team members need, whether in the office or the field. Manage data and provide permissions to ensure every team member can access the necessary information to support your projects.

Crystal-Clear Collaboration

Gone are the days of disconnected data silos, inefficient communication, and misinformation. Matidor is a single source of truth you and your team can rely on to stay on track no matter the size and scope of your environmental project.

example of matidor’s software over a picture of a satellite map
example of matidor’s communication tool over a picture of a tree

Communicate with clients with the highest integrity

Powerful Insight for Clients and Stakeholders

Go beyond providing your word for peace of mind. Let clients in and let them see how things are going for themselves. Invite clients, colleagues, and field personnel, onto the same platform. 

Control Permissions and Share Data

Control permissions and adjust access parameters to give your clients the necessary information. Share data and give all stakeholders an eagle-eye view of your project.

Full Transparency and Accountability

With Matidor, you can be more transparent with your clients than ever. Ensure all parties know what is happening on-site, and provide peace of mind that all projects are on time and within budget.

example of matidor’s mobile tool on a cell phone and tablet

Make safety a priority

Protect Your Team

Your human resources are some of your most valuable. Ensure that every team member works as safely and efficiently as possible.

Training Made Easy

Through Matidor, you can keep track of personnel training, addressing skill and knowledge gaps that could affect safety and performance. Empower them every step of the way and transform your employees into a powerhouse team.

Powerful Asset Management

Monitor asset integrity and regularly schedule inspections. Your physical assets are directly responsible for on-site job safety and operational efficiency. Maintain your equipment and ensure your team can rely on your gear.

Real-Time Field Communications

Complete field check-ins and maintain a constant line of communication from anywhere. Stay in touch with other personnel in the office or on another remote job site. 

Track and Resolve Issues

Your team can communicate safety concerns on a map in real time, making it easy to track and resolve any issues immediately.

A Simple and Painless Reporting Tool

Standardized Data Capturing

Capture the precise data you need. Use custom data forms to define your standards and obtain relevant information of value for your organization. Use a premade template and refine your criteria to minimize fluff and maximize valuable insights.

Updated Information in One Place

No more emailing back and forth for the latest costs, work done, forms, or drawings. Everything is up to date, ready for export, and easily reportable. Data syncs across devices and updates regularly, ensuring that you’re always working from the latest information.

Generate Quick and Easy Reports

Creating a report with Matidor requires nothing more than a few minutes. Choose what information you want to include and the platform does the rest. Whether generating a detailed budget with precise expenditures or a report aggregating environmental data for a specific site, Matidor can do it all.

example of matidor’s project dashboard
example of matidor’s planning and analysis tool

Store and visualize all past work

Avoid Rework

Nothing can set a project back more than having to redo old work. With environmental services, legacy information is always relevant.

Utilize Your Previous Work

Import your old work into Matidor and create powerful visuals for easy planning and analysis. Save your budget and put your previous work to good use.

Keep Legacy Data Safe

Safely store every bit of information you collect. Matidor can export data for safekeeping. Restore your projects later and continue to build on your hard work.

Field data consolidation so you can make smarter decisions

Data-Driven Insights

Use the data you collect strategically. In environmental services, data is king. Forget relying on gut instincts and hearsay. Consolidate information into actionable insights with Matidor. Use what you learn to make informed decisions that bring your project closer to success.

Relevant Information with None of the Fluff

Matidor has refined and standardized data capturing capabilities. Harness the information you need and leave out the rest. Focus on what matters, and prioritize data to boost your bottom line.

Drive Productivity and Profitability

In-depth knowledge of your project can empower you to take charge and make more strategic business decisions. Matidor acts as a single source of truth with constantly updating information. Get what you need to maximize efficiency, lower overhead costs, and stay within your budget.

woman in hard hat, safety goggles, and gloves looking at a tablet

Monitor Your Environmental Remediation Sites

Relevant Information at Your Fingertips

Environmental changes happen slowly, but you can keep track of changes through Matidor. See the big picture and view data from a single intuitive platform. Monitor changes, gain real-time insights, and view environmental reports to ensure that remediation sites are on track.

Prioritize Action

If issues come up, Matidor makes it easy to take action. See what changes need to occur and prioritize action to get things done. 

Optimize Your Workflow

Focus on pressing work and leave less time-sensitive duties to later. Optimize your team’s workflow and assign tasks to get the desired results.

Data Everywhere and Anywhere

Matidor works for both in-office and on-the-go management. Plan your remediation strategy in the office and take your data on a smartphone or tablet as you visit sites. Whether you have an Internet connection or not, Matidor help you stay informed.

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Harness the power of real-time data and constant communication in your next environmental services project. Matidor is a feature-rich project management platform that keeps your field teams connected and informed. Use the platform as a single source of truth to make tough decisions, maximize efficiency, and keep things running smoothly.

Matidor can revolutionize your field operations, putting the power of data and communication at your fingertips.

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