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Project Management for Civil Engineering and Construction

Matidor is the ultimate project management platform for the construction and civil engineering industry. With Matidor in your software stack, you can easily manage your team, track budgets, collaborate, maintain compliance, and much more.

A Comprehensive, Intuitive Platform

Civil engineering and construction projects are no different from other projects, regardless of their scale and complexity. They are sensitive to cost, time, and logistics. However, you can make it much easier to manage these projects when you use a single intuitive platform, rather than spreading your task and project management data across multiple tools.

A Single Source of Truth

Stay Organized

With our software, your team will have a single source of truth for all of your data. The daunting task of blocking unwanted costs is a worry of the past. No more disorganised data silos spread across spreadsheets, emails, and other tools.

Save Time, Money, and Resources

With Matidor, your team will always be on the same page, avoiding conflicts and other inefficiencies. Save time, money, and resources when you use the Matidor platform.

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Easily Manage Your Portfolio

Visualize Your Entire Portfolio

With Matidor, managing your portfolio has never been easier. You can visualize your entire portfolio on a live map. This live map can also be adjusted and updated in real time, so that it always reflects the most accurate and up to date data.

Get an Overview of All Your Assets and Ongoing Projects

With our live map tools, you can easily see an overview of all your assets and ongoing projects. From one powerful tool, you can increase your efficiency, prioritize your tasks, and manage your teams.

Live Map for Any Location in the World

Also, your live map isn’t restricted by location. You can search your assets and draw project boundaries anywhere in the world. Your assets will always be available with highly informative and accurate data.

How does this work? Simple, Matidor locates your projects on a map and allows geospatial data to play its role in real-time. You’ll get all the essential features you need on a map, including annotation tools, location tags, and more.

Get Task Status at Your Fingertips

You can see updated task statuses and organize them in any way you see fit. With Matidor, you can manage your portfolio seamlessly with minimum additional cost.


Matidor will also scale with your portfolio. When you add new projects or assets, just use your custom template to automatically add them to your Matidor dashboard.

Automatically Updated Maps

Your live map will update automatically and you’ll have all of the data you need for your next endeavor.

Reveal Useful Insights

Easily design site plans and combine them with various engineering specifications to reveal useful insights in real-time, such as project progress towards energy optimisation and carbon reduction goals.

Monitor Budgets on a Single Platform

All-in-One Tool

To make Matidor a truly all-in-one tool, we made sure to include financial features as well. You never have to leave our project management platform when you want to check in on project budgets and costs.

Get Real-Time Updates

As costs are incurred, you can get real-time updates to see when you’re going over budget or if funds aren’t being used efficiently.

Track Costs by Category

Tracking and monitoring your budget will allow you to block unwanted overheads and reduce overruns. Our features also allow you to easily split your budget into multiple categories and track your cost tickets precisely.

Stay on Budget

With Matidor, you can break all the past records and become a hero in cost-saving. Ensure that all of your projects stay on budget and that your bottom line isn’t affected by inaccurate data.

Real-Time Collaboration with Your Team

Easy Communication Tools

Matidor enables real-time collaboration with your entire team. You can receive and send your messages straight from our platforms. With our communication tools, you can craft effective, professional messages that will never get muddled or lost in the shuffle.

Push Notifications

You can ping your team directly from the app, bold important messages or notifications, and make sure your field service team is always connected and on top of things.

Share Files, Photos and More

You can also share files, pictures, and other relevant data to each project, allowing your team to see specific requirements and information they may need to know.

Prioritize by Workload

Additionally, your team can get access to the live map to see what activities are in progress and overdue, so they can prioritize their workload.

Customizable Permissions

Our communication channels are also customizable and flexible. Meaning you can adjust user permissions and access on a team or individual basis. You can ensure that your team only sees the data they need to see.

Ensure Employee Safety and Compliance

Hazard Notifications

Matidor also prioritizes employee safety. With Matifor, you can get hazard notifications right away on our mobile app, allowing you to make an immediate response.

Map Your Hazards

You can easily pull up the app and draw boundaries and pin hazard spots to keep your team away from dangerous areas.

Safety Push Notifications

You can also use push notifications to update team members about new hazards they might not have been aware of. This provides you and your team peace of mind while they’re out in the field.

Stay Compliant

In addition to ensuring the safety of your employees, Matidor can also help you remain compliant with local and federal regulations.

Always Up-to-Date

With automatic data syncing, you’ll always be able to pull up the latest data from your projects and create reports to ensure your sites are still compliant. With Matidor, you can always move forward with your projects securely and confidently.

Share and Visualize Your Data

Share Project Reports

In addition to internal communication, Matidor enables external communication with stakeholders as well. When your external stakeholders need project updates, analytics, budget reports, or access to other data reports, Matidor makes it easy to grant them permissions.

Create Custom Reports

You can also create beautiful, custom reports with all the data they need and send it to them right from the app. Data sharing is unlimited, so you can always keep the right stakeholders in the loop.

Multiple Views

What makes our data so dynamic is the ability to visualize the data in clean, accurate reports. You can customize your visualizations to fit your branding and you can get a comprehensive overview of every project.

By Project or Portfolio

Or you can hone in on specific projects to report on those. The Matidor platform is completely flexible, adhering to your data reporting needs.

Get Started With Matidor

Get started with Matidor today and help your team to be as efficient and responsive as possible. Optimize your resources and carry your projects in the palm of your hands. Matidor gives you access to both our mobile and our desktop app, so you can use all of our robust features, no matter where you are in the world. Matidor is an intuitive, single solution to project management. With a single source of truth for your construction and civil engineering projects, you’ll save significant time and money.


Matidor is designed to be an all-in-one project management platform, but if you have other tools you want to use, we make it easy to integrate them and connect them with Matidor. With our platform, integration is always simple and onboarding couldn’t be easier. You can trust that implementing Matidor will be the best decision for your business.


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