Property Management

Field Services Property Management Software for Realtors and Rental Companies

Matidor enables you to visualize all of your properties on a map, communicate with your teams, and get all of the information you need in one simplified dashboard. It’s the perfect software for realtors and rental companies to get a handle on their assets and stay organized.

Simplify Your Process

Property management doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you have the right tools. With a field services platform, you can effortlessly manage all of your property metrics without having to switch from tool to tool. 

Our intuitive solution empowers you and your team to keep track of your properties in a modern way, instead of using obtuse software that is too complex or expensive. You can access your data right from your mobile app and make sure you’re up to date with the latest details no matter where you are. Start using our powerful software to see your entire property on a live map.

Easily Manage Your Properties

Draw Property Lines

Managing your properties becomes much easier when you start using Matidor. You can easily draw property lines and view all of your physical properties on a live map.

Custom Reporting

Choose a property to get an instant overview and build custom reports to keep track of your most important metrics. You can easily send reports to team members and other stakeholders to keep them up to date.

Focus on Key Areas

Clean up your map view by hiding or unhiding properties, so you can focus on crucial areas that you need more information on.

Personalize Your Map View

Our software is extremely customizable and flexible, so you can personalize your map view and visualize your data in a way that makes the most sense to you.

Intuitive Interface

The interface is incredibly intuitive too. You can simply look at your properties on a map, search for the one you want, or click on the location from the map view.

Train Within Hours, Not Weeks

There’s no complicated training required. You’ll be a Matidor expert in just a few hours, instead of training for weeks. Property management is simplified when you have Matidor on your side.

Assess Property Issues

Instant Notifications

When you have Matidor, you’ll always be the first to know when something goes wrong. You can get instant notifications about property issues from your team, so you can address them and add them to your schedule.

Document All Activity

Our software will also document these issues and archive your fixes, so you have records of your activity.

Categorize By Urgency

A full view of all your properties lets you assess which needs the most attention. Categorize your issues by urgency and address them in any way you see fit.

Easy Team Communication

You can also ping team members with pending issues and let them know which issues are the most pressing. This communication can go both ways, with your team letting you know as soon as the issue is resolved.

Stress-Free Management

Once issues are resolved, you can easily reopen them at any time. With Matidor, property issues will become much more manageable and much less stressful.

Monitor Your Budget

All-in-One Solution

With our property management software, you don’t have to jump into another app to track your costs and adjust your budget.

Easy Categorization

You can easily split your budget into different categories and keep an ongoing record of your costs.


Our financial features are designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing you to enter cost tickets directly to the relevant budget categories. This way you can find out what your remaining budget is immediately.

Receive Notifications

You can get notifications when a project is approaching budget limits or if you need to provide more budget to a property.

Real-Time Updates

You can also get real-time financial updates. This way, you’re not taken by surprise when unexpected costs or budget adjustments come through.

Clear Financial Overview

You can always have a clear overview of where your properties are financially and what you need to do.

Track Building Activity

Simple Organization Options

Matidor makes it easy to track all activities for each individual building. Organizing your information is simple, and you can choose which building you want to see activities for.

Archive Activities

As activities are completed and issues are closed, you can archive them and get back to them as needed.

Status Updates

Tracking your building activity from the dashboard can also give you a quick idea of which jobs are open, which are overdue, and which are currently in progress.

View Your Activity Log

This gives you a quick and simple update of your activity log and where you need to focus your team.

Collaborate With Employees

Easily Collaborate

Communication and collaboration with team members have never been easier.

Smart Commenting Features

You can easily chat with your team directly from the Matidor platform using the smart commenting feature. This feature enables you to share documents, files, and pictures with your colleagues from both our mobile and desktop platform.

Share Information From Any Location

You can collaborate no matter where you are and share information with individual teams based on what property they’re working at.Team members can easily pull up shared information on a platform through their shared access.

example of matidor’s communication tool over a picture of a tree

Track Data Metrics

Our software is the ideal solution for teams that need to keep track of various data metrics across different locations.

Efficiently Complete Projects

No more inefficient back and forth. Simply share the necessary information, collaborate in real-time, and ensure the projects get completed.

Seamless Integrations

Matidor also easily integrates with your other project management tools. You can seamlessly add Matidor to your workflow with minimal onboarding and interruptions.

No Need to Interrupt Your Current Workflow

Continue to work the way you want to, with all of the added benefits of having Maitdor in your software stack.

Share and Visualize Data

Simple Sharing Options

Our collaboration and sharing features extend to visual data too. Sharing visual data is simple on the Matidor platform.

Drag and Drop

You can easily drag and drop your files no matter where you are.

Notify Your Team of New Uploads

You can also ping your teammates when new data or activities are uploaded, so they know when you’ve sent the materials they need.

Define Access Levels

Matidor also lets you define access levels on an individual basis. Meaning you can determine how much data your team members and stakeholders can view and edit.

Stay in Control

This fine level of control ensures that your property data is always secure and that you’re always in control of how your data is shared or used.

Get Started with Matidor

Property management can get overwhelming without the right tools. If you’re ready to have your data under control and visualize your properties in one intuitive solution, try Matidor today. Matidor is built for field service industries, and property management is just one of its many capabilities. If you’re interested in learning more, make sure to check out the other use cases for the Matidor platform. Our onboarding process is quick and easy. Our team will import your projects, set up your template, and make sure your staff knows how to use the necessary tools to get you started.

If you’re a realtor or rental company, book your demo with us to see how we can transform your business with our powerful property management solution.

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