Integrate Your GIS With Our Field Services Software

With Matidor, you can take your field operation efficiency to new heights. Get quick access to mission-critical data, view it all with geographic context, and make intelligent decisions without second-guessing. Get the geographic context you need to visualize your project and make data-driven decisions from one intuitive platform. Matidor’s GIS integrations ensure you have everything you need to manage your project strategically from one digital space.

Simple Interface

Simplicity matters when you’re working on a large-scale project in multiple locations. These endeavors require constant communication between in-office employees and field teams. With varying degrees of experience and know-how, user-friendly design is a must.

Standard GIS can come with a learning curve. But Matidor makes using the technology to its full potential a breeze. Thanks to the platform’s user-friendly design, previous GIS experience is not necessary. Matidor is made for everyday users, incorporating features that anyone can utilize.

Import GIS files in minutes. Then, use basic point-and-click functionality to view the information and map your project.

project tracking map

Real-Time Portable Data

Things change on a dime. But with Matidor, you can view real-time information from anywhere. Stay up to date on what’s happening in the field and manage all your data from wherever you choose to work. Start planning your site at the office, or wait until you’re on-site. The choice is yours.
Matidor is available on many devices, giving you the flexibility to manage your project on your terms. Best of all, every piece of data you see displays in real-time and across all shared devices. Start on your desktop in the comforts of your office and continue on the field with your smartphone.
Take control of your project how you want

Compatible With Your Existing Tools

Mapping data from your GIS can streamline how you work. It’s a revolutionary addition that can help you increase efficiency while giving you the power to make tough decisions using accurate data. GIS integration will significantly impact your workflow, but you don’t have to make monumental changes to harness it.
Matidor works with your existing tools. There’s no need to overcome a new system’s learning curve or invest in additional software. Whether you have an in-house GIS database like ArcGIS or partner with a third-party GIS consultant, Matidor is compatible with it all. Import your existing GIS mapping data and see how it can change your work approach.

Powerful Task Management

Use location-based GIS data to strategize your game plan. Assign tasks to specific locations and create a “to-do list” of jobs to complete at every location necessary. Tag your team and keep track of progress within the Matidor platform.
Real-time data gives you an eagle-eye view of how your project is going. With GIS integration and geographic context, you can get the whole picture no matter where you are.

Utilize the Best Mapping Technology

Use mapping technology that’s right for your business and industry. Whether you work in renewables, civil engineering, or environmental sciences, there’s no shortage of mapping software at your fingertips. Matidor partners with some of the best providers, letting you harness location intelligence and geographic context to succeed.


Esri is a leading GIS software provider. Most known for being the creator of the widely used ArcGIS platform, Esri provides software to numerous industries across the globe. With a focus on problem-solving, Esri technology can unveil hidden trends, analyze complex location data, and more.


TerraMaps is a modern mapping platform that prioritises simplicity. The user-friendly interface allows you to take advantage of GIS data’s power without much experience. It’s a perfect complement to Matidor.


ESdat is about making sense of environmental data. The technology validates and analyzes troves of data to help numerous industries. The mapping features provide context and work well integrated into Matidor.


Take to the skies and use data from SkyWatch for some of the most accurate GIS data available. Monitor work areas and get high-quality satellite imagery for an accurate eagle-eye view of your project.

Get Started Today With Matidor’s Intuitive Software

Matidor is your must-have companion for field service work. Manage your project from anywhere and keep track of progress in real-time. Whether you’re working in the office or assisting teams on a remote site, you can take charge and bring projects to successful completion.

With GIS integration, you’re well equipped to refine your project strategy and make difficult decisions. Rely on more than just gut instincts and outdated information. Matidor and GIS data enable better decision-making while giving you the means to work more efficiently than ever before.

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