Emissions Monitoring Field Service Software

Matidor provides an all-in-one platform that provides real-time updates on a live project map, collaborative tools to communicate with teams, emissions monitoring, and much more.

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Stay Compliant and Accurate

Those in the oil and gas industry need to be more diligent than ever with their emissions monitoring. However, monitoring emissions accurately and staying compliant can be difficult and overwhelming if you don’t have the proper tool. Reduce your carbon footprint and monitor your emissions confidently with Matidor’s software.

Easily Collaborate With Your Team

Communicate Directly From Our Platform

One of the best features of Matidor’s software is the ability to collaborate and communicate directly with your team from our platform.

Reach Your Team No Matter Where You Are

You can use our tool from your mobile device or from a desktop, allowing you to reach your team no matter where you are. For the oil and gas industry and emissions monitoring, this is especially important.

High Priority and Hazard Notifications on Key Areas

You can quickly notify teams of hazards or issues at any of your asset sites. Additionally, you can easily notify team members which tasks are high priority.

Upload Files and Images

You can even upload files and pictures to clarify task requirements.

Live Map Access

Both in-office and field employees can also access the live map to see project updates.

Monitor Emissions

Automatic Syncing to Stay Organized

Matidor allows you to detect and monitor methane emissions from your assets. Once the data is captured, it’s automatically synced with your Matidor platform and organized.

Include Your Data on a Live Map

Emissions data is also reflected on the live map in real time. This provides several benefits for your business.

Reduce Risk

For one, you can reduce risk by planning maintenance and identifying compliance issues.

Optimize Your Assets

Emissions monitoring also allows you to optimize your assets, notifying you of potential leaks and risks.

In-Depth Reporting

Additionally, you can get in-depth reports on your emissions activities to remain compliant with environmental regulations.

A Single Simple Platform

You can do all of this without ever leaving your platform. Matidor makes emissions monitoring as easy as possible.

Track Budgets and Cost Expenditures

Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

You can also utilize Matidor’s financial features to eliminate unnecessary costs. Easily split your budget into different categories and associate cost tickets to each category.

Instant Updates

You can also update your budget right away to see what the remaining budget on the project is in real time.

Prevent Overruns with Alerts

Get notifications that alert you when an asset or project is approaching its budget limits. This allows you to prevent overruns and keep your assets as cost-efficient as possible.

Ensure Worker Safety

Prioritize Employee Well-Being

Matidor ensures that you are able to prioritize the safety of your workers. From the Matidor platform, you can track personnel training progress, field check-ins, and asset integrity.

Real-Time Safety Updates

If your field workers report a safety concern, the map will update in real-time, notifying you and other team members.

Archive Resolved Issues

This allows you to respond immediately and resolve these issues. Resolved issues can also be archived and opened up later if the need arises.

Mitigate Risk

Worker safety is of the utmost importance, so it’s crucial to make sure you have the tools necessary to mitigate any unforeseen or preventable incidents.

Visualize and Synchronize Your Data

Stay Organized and Informed

With Matidor, you’ll always have a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on in the field. Once your data is captured, Matidor will automatically add it to your dashboard, archive it, and organize it according to your custom settings.

Automatic Uploads

No internet connection out in the field? No problem. Once you or your team member connects their device to the Internet, the captured data will automatically be uploaded and synchronized.

A Single Source of Truth

Your team will have a single source of truth for emissions and other asset data, instead of having to find it spread across multiple apps and platforms.

example of matidor’s mobile tool on a cell phone and tablet
woman in hard hat, safety goggles, and gloves looking at a tablet

Stay Compliant

Avoid Fines

With strict environmental regulations, businesses need to be careful to stay compliant. Otherwise, your business will be subject to costly fines and other prohibitive measures.

Remain Competitive

You can effectively reduce your carbon footprint with our intuitive project management platform. By staying compliant today, you’ll be able to stay competitive tomorrow.

Accurate, Up to Date Information

Monitoring your emissions remotely through our software ensures you get accurate, up to date information along with an easy way to report it.

Easily Share Reports

You can also easily share your reports with the necessary parties and stakeholders.

Consolidate Tasks

Stay on Track

No more spreading your task out across different platforms and losing activities in the shuffle. With Matidor, nothing will slip through the cracks and you’ll always be on track with your due dates.

Streamline Your Workflow and Prevent Bottlenecks

Matidor allows you to see all of your tasks from one platform and assign those tasks to others from the same tool. Attach the necessary documents, field images, and other tasks to smooth out the workflow and prevent bottlenecks.

Optimize Your Resources

You can also update your tasks and task statuses in real-time, so you don’t have teams working on the same activities. Optimize your resources, your time, and your money with our easy-to-use software.

Task Tab

Easy Integrations with Other Tools

Also, Matidor can easily integrate with other tools in your software stack. With our platform, you never have to work in a way that’s inconvenient to your team.

Simplify Your Process

Our platform is highly customizable, scalable, and designed to make project management for your business easier.

Get Started with Matidor

Building a strong team and keeping track of your assets is impossible without the right tool. It’s more essential than ever to keep accurate track of your emissions and report them correctly. With Matidor, you can redesign the way you work by looking at the future. You can hit your goals, optimize your profits, and stay compliant with the latest regulations. You can do all of this and more by adding our powerful platform to your software stack.

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