ridgeline Case Study

RidgeLine Canada Inc

Ridgeline Canada needed an efficient method for collecting and aggregating location-specific environmental data from multiple sources.

“Matidor is a well-rounded solution that is easy to learn and implement, with an extremely high level of customer service.”

Ioana Moore

– Ridgeline Canada

Here’s how Matidor’s industry-leading

field service management

software made that possible:

Project Background

As one of the leading spill response, waste management, and environmental remediation specialists in Western Canada, Ridgeline Canada provides trusted environmental solutions throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

Until recently, the organization had managed projects using multiple Excel spreadsheets. This may have been cutting-edge tech when the company launched in 1999, but in 2022 it was impacting their ability to efficiently aggregate and share data within the team. Just as importantly, the convoluted process was making it difficult to provide accurate updates to their clients. It was time for a change.

Goals & Scope

Ridgeline’s primary goal was to develop a custom software solution that aggregated site and project-specific data without channeling resources from, or otherwise negatively impacting, their existing field operations.

Put simply, they needed a way to ensure that everybody was on the same page throughout all stages of each project and that clients received timely, accurate updates at regular intervals or upon request. It was also important that the solution included cost reporting capabilities.

Alternative Options

To find the perfect fit for their needs, Ridgeline evaluated several leading field management software options. For the most part, they found that these solutions focused primarily on project management or database aggregation – Ridgeline needed something that incorporated both aspects while also being flexible and easy to customize. After demos from multiple software providers, Ridgeline decided to move forward with Matidor.

Results at a glance

On-demand access to maps and geographic information
Centralized data for improved collaboration and communication
Project finances synchronized with third-party accounting software
Enabled real-time accurate project updates for clients
Flexible and highly customized solution

Key Outcomes

Matidor eliminated the need to pull data from different Excel spreadsheets and third party systems, and information is now collected directly within the platform.
Divisions share access to unified data sets through Matidor’s intuitive user-friendly platform. This consolidation reduces internal disagreements and frustrations.
It is now quicker and easier to provide clients, and other relevant third parties, with accurate on-demand status reports and updates.
The Matidor mapping feature enables Ridgeline Canada to view location-specific information that reduces the need for travel between sites.
Throughout the process Matidor’s support team has been available to explain new features, troubleshoot issues, and train team members.

Our Collaboration

Initially, members of the Matidor team met with Ridgeline to create an implementation plan tailored to their exact requirements. These meetings continued throughout the entire process to ensure that everyone remained on the same page.

Within two months, Matidor delivered a working solution that incorporated all of Ridgeline Canada’s requirements and desired features. In addition to the previously discussed core features, Matidor implemented an integration with their third party accounting software, so that project expenses could be directly accessed in Matidor for budgeting and reporting purposes. The in-app chat feature allowed for real-time support from Matidor, which was immediately useful:

“Even when we mistakenly deleted a critical piece of information from Matidor, the support team worked hard and was able to restore it for us within a day.”

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